2019 Spring Symposium and Community Engagement
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Tuesday, April 23









Day One Storm Prediction Center Convective Outlook Verification Between 2011-2016 213 Rhoades Robinson Hall Pollination Biology and Seed Traits in a Threatened Rose from Western North Carolina 033 Karpen Hall Spatial Ecology of Turks Island Boas on Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands 014 Zeis Hall Study of the Degradation of Trichloroethylene Over Different Time Intervals with Anatase Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles 202 Zeis Hall Synthesis and Antibiotic Evaluation of Bedaquiline Analogs that Target ATP Synthase in Escherichia coli 123 Zeis Hall Examining the role of immigrant density on the British EU Referendum in voting districts: 035 Karpen Hall Opinion Writing 034 Karpen Hall Spiritual Redemption in The Silmarillion 232 Karpan Hall This study examines the hybrid and electric car commercials in digital media. The study uses Google search engine optimization to identify top commercials in hybrid and electric vehicle advertisements. The review... 316 Karpen Hall The Effects Of Urban Vegetation On Stress Recovery 103 Rhoades Robinson Hall Health Implications of Federal Policies affecting American Indians Over the Past 200 Years 406 Wilma Sherrill Center The Conservation Movement in Western North Carolina from 1898-1930: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Forestry 014 Whiteside Hall What Matters When Writing Wrongs: Evolution of the U.S. State Department Human Rights Reports 237 Zageir Hall Examining the appropriateness of PE administered via telehealth for a substance use elevated veteran population: A pilot analysis. 410 Wilma Sherrill Center Religious Meaning in Philosophy 012 Whitesides Hall Body Dissatisfaction in Minority Women 246 Zageir Hall



Mythic Images: Revitalizing Mythology with Neobaroque Narrative Drawing and Painting 016 Karpen Hall An Investigation of Rapid Intensification and Intensity Forecasts for Hurricane Michael 213 Rhoades Robinson Hall Developing markers to determine genetic diversity of Celastrus orbiculatus (oriental bittersweet) across western North Carolina 033 Karpen Hall Phylogenetics of the Plethodon montanus Species Complex with Mitochondrial DNA Analysis 014 Zeis Hall Glucuronidation of 3-phenoxybenzoic acid by UGT1A9: Kinetic and Inhibition Studies In Vitro 123 Zeis Hall Sugar Analysis in Endangered Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii populations in Western North Carolina 202 Zeis Hall A Systematic Review of the Efficiency of Internally Managed Common-Pool Resource Irrigation Systems Versus External Bureaucratic Management 035 Karpen Hall Opinion Writing 034 Karpen Hall Poe’s Uniquely Unified Horror: Obscurity and Revelation as Tools of Terror 232 Karpan Hall How Communication Influences the Insect Decline Crisis 316 Karpen Hall Superfund Sites in North Carolina: Analyzing Income Disparities in Designation and Remediation 103 Rhoades Robinson Hall Defining Safety for Survivors of Partner Violence and Sexual Violence 406 Wilma Sherrill Center Royal Power and Faith: The Tudor Children in the English Reformation 014 Whiteside Hall Snowbird Day School Traveling Educational Trunk 212 Rhoades Robinson Hall Sectoral Analysis of Economic Factors Affecting Congressional Voting on Free Trade Agreements: A Case Study of KORUS FTA 237 Zageir Hall Joy in Medicine: What Happy Physicians Have in Common 410 Wilma Sherrill Center “So the Beginning of This Was a Woman”: Tracing Black Religion’s Temporal Narrative Creation in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God 012 Whitesides Hall Colonial Fantasies: The Aesthetics of Blackness 246 Zageir Hall



The Role of Contemporary Art in Dismantling Problematic Social Construction 016 Karpen Hall Microsatellite Development in Rudbeckia laciniata (Cutleaf Coneflower) in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park 033 Karpen Hall Species Delimitation in West Indian Iguanas (Cyclura) 014 Zeis Hall Synthesizing Indole-Carboxamides as Allosteric Modulators to Cannabinoid CB1 Receptors 202 Zeis Hall Economic Recovery Following a Disaster Event: A Case Study of Hurricane Katrina 035 Karpen Hall Beneath the Fuligin Cloak: Monomyth, Modernism, and Faith in Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun 232 Karpan Hall Opinion Writing 034 Karpen Hall Communicating Sustainability in Event Planning 316 Karpen Hall Constraints on Kinematics and the Resulting Crustal Architecture within the Clyde Quadrangle, western North Carolina, USA through Geologic Mapping of the Hayesville and Burnsville fault 103 Rhoades Robinson Hall Body Composition and Mental Healths effects on Peak Performancefina 406 Wilma Sherrill Center “To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free” The Apocalyptic Abolition of Granville Sharp 014 Whiteside Hall ᏚᏗᏱ ᏧᎾᏕᎶᏆᏍᏗᎢ ᎤᏂᏃᎮᎸᏅᎢ: Education, Language and Documentary Filmmaking in the Snowbird Cherokee Community 212 Rhoades Robinson Hall “Do you even vote, bro”?: An Analysis of Political Engagement on UNCA’S Campus" 237 Zageir Hall Scripts and Schemas: Differentiating Categories in Neuroimaging Research 410 Wilma Sherrill Center Altered Awareness in Religion and Immersive Movement 012 Whitesides Hall Domestic Violence and Children 246 Zageir Hall Glucuronidation of Bisphenol A by UGT2B15 123 Zeis Hall







The Art of Alex Gross & His Critical Portrayal of Corporate Branding, Social Media, and Technology 016 Karpen Hall Social interactions in a maternal colony of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) 014 Zeis Hall Trig Hunter 125 Rhoades Robinson Hall The Renewable Energy Growth Nexus 035 Karpen Hall Opinion Writing 034 Karpen Hall Unraveling the Articulable: Experiencing the Meaning Beyond Meaning in Clarice Lispector’s Near to the Wild Heart 232 Karpan Hall Ending Asheville’s Cycle of Homeslessness Through Sustainable Community Living 316 Karpen Hall Characteristics of bridges used for day roosting by the federally endangered gray bat Myotis grisescens) in the French Broad River basin, North Carolina 103 Rhoades Robinson Hall Reducing Pharmaceutical Drug Usage in Older Adults 406 Wilma Sherrill Center Vilifying Welfare: The American Scapegoat 014 Whiteside Hall Migration and Community: Tracing the Journey 125 Highsmith Union Social Media: A Second Life 012 Karpen Hall The Effects of Musical Genre on Heart-Rate Variability and Subjective Emotional Analysis 018 Lipinsky Hall Moral Partisan Stereotypes as Shortcuts in  Candidate Evaluations 237 Zageir Hall The Perpetuation of Neocolonialism through Modern Human Rights Discourse 246 Zageir Hall Comparing the enzyme profiles of two pitcher plant species and their hybrids Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Effects of Shifts in Migration Range on Extra-Pair Paternity of Tachycineta bicolor (tree swallows) Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Evaluating the Genetic Relatedness of Captive Northern River Otters (Lontra canadensis) to Determine Suitability for Breeding Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Opioids in WNC: The Mechanism and Addiction of Morphine Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites A Computational study of the mechanism of Transfer Hydrogenation using an iridium(III) catalyst. Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Analysis of Phe54 Within the c Subunit of ATP Synthase Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Analysis of Selected Over-the-Counter Medications and Phthalate Monoester Concentrations in Human Urine via a Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Computational Analysis of ethanol dehydrogenation over Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn catalysts as economical options for steam reformation Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Determining the Electrostatic Interactions Between the a and c Subunits Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Effects of NaNO3 on the Synthesis of TiO2 Brookite Nanocrystals Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Extraction, Isolation, and Characterization of Novel Antibiotic Compounds from Soil Bacteria Co-Cultures Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Glucuronidation of Mono(isobutyl) Phthalate Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Investigating High Conductivity in the French Broad Watershed Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Novel Techniques for Mechanism of Action Determination of Antibiotics Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Quantification and Detection of Commonly Used Over-The-Counter Medications in Human Urine Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Site directed spin labeling in determining structural dynamics of F-type ATPase Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Substituted Pyrazolines as Microtubulin Inhibitors Targeting Hypoxia Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of substituted phenanthrenequinone denbinobin Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Synthesis of Pestalone Analogs Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Synthesis of Pyrazoline Derivatives from Chalcones Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Synthesis of Pyrrole Molecules as Anticancer Drug Targets Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Synthesis of Triazoles as Combretastatin A-4 Analogs Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Water Quality of Penland Creek, Asheville, NC Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Crafting Interactive Media and Designing Web Content: A Collaboration with Burton Street Community Peace Gardens Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Effects of Gender and Parenthood on Public Perceptions of Opioid Abuse Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Gamers Wanted: An In-Depth Study of the Effects of Playing Video Games Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Integrating Art and Science: How non-traditional courses may increase one’s understanding of neuroscience. Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Low Income and Worker Health Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Phenomenological Interview with Photo Elicitation to Examine the Lived Experience of College Students who Participated in Recreational Activities at Blue Spaces Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites










Greener Asheville: Using Educational Resources to Improve Environmental Accessibility Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Hydrologic Restoration of a Rare Southern Appalachian Wetland Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Impacts of climate change on the distribution of breeding bird populations in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Indicator Mineral Analysis in Stream Sediments Bordering the North American Emerald Mine in Alexander County, North Carolina Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Mapping the impacts of land use on water quality in the Reed Creek watershed, Asheville, NC Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites MICROSTRUCTURAL OBSERVATIONS OF KINEMATICS AND DEFORMATION TEMPERATURES RECORDED IN THE CLYDE 7.5-MINUTE QUADRANGLE, WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, USA: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE SOUTHWEST EXTENSION OF THE BURNSVILLE FAULT... Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites To Grasp Evolution For Modern Application Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Child Protective Services (CPS) Notebook: A Public Service Project Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Snowbird Day School Traveling Exhibit: Education, Assimilation, and Integration of Cherokee in the Snowbird Community, 1932-1962. Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Effects of ALS-linked mutant TDP-43 and FUS expression on motor neuron viability in culture Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Investigating the effects of mutation Q331K on TDP-43 function Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Involvement of Fused in Sarcoma C-terminus Mutations in Aggressive Juvenile Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Mutant FUS proteins effects on the characteristics of ALS pathogenesis Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Targeted Mutagenesis of the FUS protein to determine the specific cellular effects of the P525L mutation. Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites Using Electrophysiology to gain an understanding of how mutations in FUS and TDP-43 proteins can affect motor neuron function in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites VIDEOS: Giving a Voice to Asheville Middle School Students on Bullying and Highlighting the Role of Volunteers in The “In Real Life Program” Highsmith Union: Mountain Suites